Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Operation PS35!

Cassie with a Birthday Coup here! 

As followers of IDD, you know that Patra likes to plan events from weekend winery tours movie nights, royal weddings & birthday parties. She and I are very similar in the fact we tend to plan our own birthday parties because well who else can do it as well as we can? So this year we turn 35 and it should be epic? I mean 35- we are smack dab in the middle of being Thirtysomethings! As P has said more than once “anything ending in a 0 or 5 should be a big deal. This calls for a special celebration and what do you get the girl who plans everything? A birthday where she can’t plan anything! 

 Wouldn’t it be fun I thought if Dan & I could surprise P with a weekend trip to see me in Dixie? Dan was a great sport considering we knew it could be a dangerous operation! We’ve spent the last 6 weeks planning how and what and when. Patrick, the work husband, and Jenni B have helped to pull this off by requesting her day off (Patrick) and entertaining her anger over the absence of plans and/or making plans (Jenni). It reached fever pitch on Monday when said plans hadn’t been made by Mr.W: 
Sent at 10:38 AM on Monday 
Patra: ok, I just planned my own bday I cant help it 

 We all have traded a ton of emails with our own “Patra is pissed and has no idea stories”. On top of that her boss “scheduled” her for her favorite work task on Friday. heee I’m not sure if she’s going to be happy or even more pissed when this little plan has been revealed! 

 The Reveal: Today is the first day of “Birthday Week”. As mentioned above, birthdays and the execution of birthdays are a big deal and it all kicks off on the first day of BW. So, right about now, Dan is handing Patra her plane tickets and this custom invitation from Because another thing P loves is custom invites!

To you this invitation look likes gibberish, but to us it’s perfectly clear. We’ve been friends for 20 years (even though I never watch the same shows and I wore cleats- not pleats: all things that signal lasting friendship) and have had codes for just about as long.
Per the invitation, details of the weekend will be laid out here as packing, or what we call paperdolling, is probably the most important element (and most discussed) of any trip.  For example, we’re taking a high school girl’s trip in July to celebrate all our 35ths to LA and we’re already determining what to wear on the plane. Yes- paperdolling is that important…

The Details:  First up the weather 
Friday post arrival we’ll have mimosas made from the finest Cupcake Prosecco and then dine al fresco at  Rosebud where the actually serve a  Friday brunch!! After we’ve stuffed ourselves we can walk it off by doing a little shopping

A trip to Dixie wouldn’t be complete now without  Aunt P spending time with the cutest boy in the world. We’ll pick him up early since Friday night is all about the biggest movie premiere of 2012. 

Now, I must admit, I am not one for pop culture phenomenons (90210, Sex And The City are two that stand out).  P and I almost didn’t become friends because of my lack of knowing (early in 1993) who Brenda & Dylan were and I never, ever get her references to SATC except nods to Carrie & Big.  This time around however, it’s my turn to throw around Katniss, Peeta & Effie to blank stares!  That’s right: It’s time for the Games.. The Hunger Games!  Since P & I always go to the movies when we’re together the timing couldn’t be more ideal.  I’m hosting a little pre party with some of my equally enthused friends and then it’s off to the megaplex 

As excited as I am for movie night, I am beyond thrilled for our Saturday plans. I mean THRILLED! Keeping a secret about this weekend has been one thing, but keeping a secret about the location for day 2 has been downright painful!  Besides being one of Travel & Leisure’s best hotels in America, it is also one of P’s top must visit destinations. 
Oh yes, it’s true! We are going to RC for 24 hours of fabulousness!
Saturday morning will be leisurely- hopefully spent on the patio of my house (if the pollen goes away) before embarking to Greensboro

Our first destination: 
The #5 in the country (again according to a fancy magazine) spa where will emerge looking 25!

If we leave the spa sometime before the end of the night, we’ll enjoy a snack with this view.

Perhaps take in a little Champagne Tasting- yes please!

Have a little dinner here enjoying their Spring Tasting Menu
And in true, rustic fashion, there is a campfire every night complete with complimentary (because at the RC, you don’t say free) s’mores.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be finishing our tour fireside.

Sunday morning is all about room service and if we’re feeling all healthy there are yoga classes and trail hikes we can take. Somehow I don’t see that happening, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case 35 brings a renewed since of fondness for exercise on a Sunday morning.

Even though our time in luxury is fleeting we still have a full day of fun planned. Upon arriving back in Atlanta, Patra’s closest cousin, Kim, will whisk her away to their house for the afternoon. 
And then it's back to DC where I hope Mr. W has planned something special for this birthday girl! 

I Do Declare I am so excited! Happy Birthday week to my LIT & CAR BFF!


  1. WOOHOOO!!!! P has been emailing me all this week as well saying she was bummed no one had planned anything.
    I kept telling her maybe there was a surprise around the corner! Of course, I had no clue.. but had an inkling! CHEERS!!!
    P.S. Order the bottle of bubbly and the carafe of OJ at Rosebud. The only way to go :-)

  2. What a wonderful post. What a great time.....I wish I could be at the Ritz, too.