Monday, November 7, 2011

"Squeek"ing By on Halloween

Happy Halloween (or How-ween) from the Gokeys

Let me start by saying, I'm a huge consignment sale shopper. I've been able to score most of E's wardrobe and toys for super cheap over the last year or so. The only downside is consignment sale season is twice a year- once in the winter for spring/summer and once in the summer for fall/winter.

So, last spring I started the quest for this year's Halloween costume. When it was all said & done we had 3. The elephant- which would never work because of the trunk that went across the face, The monkey and the mouse. The mouse won for three reasons 1) because E loves mice 2) because we had a family take up residence in our basement recently and 3) because I knew I wouldn't see 45,657 other kid mice posted on facebook. I would like to say I chose the mouse because of reason #1, but who am I kidding...

E for the most part liked his costume and was willing to wear the ears for brief periods throughout the night. Espcially when posing with H&E, two of his best buds

And when taking over their treat bucket

Dyer Circle has grown up so much since we moved in 9+ years ago. Circa 2002 there were no kids and only a handful of people were even married. Circa 2011 there are now 7 kids on the street + one more on the way- all boys too except for H. Here are all our cuties in their Halloween finest

The best part of the night? When E was presented with the choice between candy & apple and happily ate all the apple. Healthier for him, more candy for us!

Now the quest begins for next year's costume!

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